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Online Yoga Therapy Programs

accessible & self-paced online yoga programs designed to align your mind & body.


I’ve taken the most common aches, complaints, and concerns from my in-person yoga therapy practice and compiled a
video library you can utilize anytime you need it. Whether you need to slow your mind, learn to use your breath to

destress, or develop a recovery program to counterbalance your workout, we’ve got a video for you.

You can purchase videos a la carte per your needs or all the videos.

Oh, and another thing... once you purchase your videos, they stay in your library forever.

I can’t wait to move with you.
See you on your mat,


A La Carte / Per Video

*Videos are for all levels

Entire Library

Arden Align Yoga Therapy 

*Videos are for all levels

Video 1 - Get to Know Your Breath 

Video 2 - Breathwork: Adding Senses 

Video 3 - Breathwork: Breathing & Moving Together 

Video 4 - Therapeutic Yoga for Neck Mobility & Neck Tension 

Video 5 - Chest & Shoulder Mobility 

Video 6 - Standing/Seated Chair Practice 

Video 7 - Identify, Strengthen, & Stabilize Your Core 

Video 8 - My Go-To Everyday Practice 

Video 9 - All Things Hip Mobility